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What are Radiator Tubes


Tube radiators stand as a critical component in the realm of cooling systems, providing efficient and reliable heat dissipation for a range of industrial applications. At NCN Core Manufacturers, our tube radiators are designed to meet the demanding cooling requirements of heavy-duty machinery, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Joule Tube Construction

A distinctive feature of our tube radiators is the innovative Joule Tube Construction. This removable design enhances adaptability and ease of maintenance for industrial and earth-moving machinery. The removable feature allows for convenient access to internal components, facilitating streamlined cleaning, inspections, and repairs.

Customization for Operating Conditions

Understanding the diverse and challenging operating conditions faced by heavy machinery, our tube radiators can be customized to meet specific requirements. Offering a range of grommets made from high-quality materials such as Nitrile or Viton ensures compatibility with varying applications and environmental conditions.

Extruded Finned Tubing Option

An additional option for our tube radiators is extruded finned tubing. This method utilizes advanced technology to enhance heat dissipation, allowing for superior cooling efficiency. The grommet tube to header joining method employed in this construction ensures a secure and reliable connection, contributing to the overall durability of the radiator.

Difference from Core Radiators

The key difference between tube radiators and core radiators lies in their internal structure. Tube radiators, particularly those utilizing Joule Tube Construction, feature removable elements for streamlined maintenance. This design is advantageous for applications where accessibility and ease of servicing are paramount.

Maintenance and Servicing Advantages

The removable feature of our Joule Tube Construction tube radiators significantly simplifies routine maintenance and servicing. Whether cleaning to remove debris, inspecting for potential issues, or conducting necessary repairs, our design minimizes equipment downtime, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the radiator.


At NCN Core Manufacturers, our tube radiators exemplify innovation, adaptability, and maintenance ease. Contact our experienced sales team to explore how our tube radiators can elevate the efficiency and reliability of your industrial and earth-moving machinery, contributing to enhanced performance and an extended lifespan.

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