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What are Radiator Cores


Core radiators represent the foundational element of efficient cooling systems, playing a crucial role in various applications from small motor vehicles to heavy-duty earth-moving machinery. At NCN Core Manufacturers, our commitment to excellence in radiator technology is evident through our diverse range of core radiators, each uniquely designed to meet the diverse cooling needs across industries.

SG (Straight Fin) Construction:

The SG (Straight Fin) construction, a mainstay in our core radiator offerings, adheres to international standards for industrial applications. With a 10mm pitch and various configurations, the SG design ensures efficient heat dissipation, making it a robust choice for applications requiring reliable cooling.

SD (Straight Fin Double Tinned) Construction:

Our SD (Straight Fin Double Tinned) construction, featuring 18 fins per inch, showcases our commitment to innovation. This design not only enhances airflow but also fortifies fin strength for superior cooling performance, particularly in challenging industrial environments.

CL (Pack Type) Construction:

Designed for lighter applications, the CL (Pack Type) construction provides versatility with a 10mm pitch and various configurations. Balancing efficiency and durability, this construction is ideal for scenarios where weight and space considerations are paramount.

Difference from Tube Radiators:

The primary distinction between core radiators and tube radiators lies in their internal structure. Core radiators typically utilize finned constructions (such as SG, SD, or CL) that optimize surface area for effective heat dissipation. These designs are well-suited for various industrial applications, offering versatility and efficiency.

Quality Materials and Expert Assembly:

Quality materials, including imported tube brass, high-quality solder, and copper foils, coupled with expert assembly by our specialized team, underscore our commitment to providing core radiators that excel in both speed and quality.

Versatility for Earth-Moving Equipment:

Recognizing the diverse radiator designs for earth-moving equipment, we import popular sections such as steel folded and AMOC sections. This versatility ensures our core radiators can address the specific needs of the dynamic earth-moving industry.


In choosing NCN Core Manufacturers for core radiators, you are selecting a partner dedicated to innovation, precision, and versatility. Contact our experienced sales team to discuss how our core radiators can be tailored to meet the specific cooling needs of your machinery, contributing to enhanced efficiency and longevity.

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