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Independent supplier to the radiator after-market, with a focus on all radiator and cooling equipment.


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Experts in Radiator and Cooling Equipment.

NCN Core Manufacturers have been an independent supplier to the radiator after-market since 1995. We are solely dedicated to serving the radiator shops and end-users and have no tie-in with any of the motor manufacturing plants. Our clients rely on us for quality products, fast turnaround time and country-wide service. We also constantly seek opportunities to supply markets outside of our borders, and have successfully exported products to several countries in Africa.

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NCN manufacturers all radiator cores for small motor vehicles through to earth moving machinery in a variety of core types.

Locomotive Radiator in Joule Tube Construction (removable)

Most industrial and earth moving radiators as well as some truck radiators can be converted to …

Oil Coolers

We clean and repair all oil coolers and in instances where the tube and shell unit is not repairable, we manufacture and insert a new tube  …


We supply a large range of fans to the mining sector and the cooling related industry. Our services cover re-blading …

Radiator Cores

Cores and completes provided in aluminium construction.

Dolphin Aluminium Products

NCN Core Manufacturers is a sole distributor in the heavy duty sectors for Dolphin

Cleaning and repairs being done

As mentioned, we also offer a decent range of componentry related to the industry.

Locomotive radiator cores

As mentioned, we also offer a decent range of componentry related to the industry.

NCN’s in-house services


Re-coring and repairs of radiators


Re-blading and repairing of fans


Manufacture of radiators/sections, heat exchangers and oil coolers


Parts exchange for radiators and fans


Cleaning of, and repairs to, radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers, heat exchangers and fans (balancing).


Converting of normal core type radiators to the Removable Joule Tube Radiator.


Importing of aluminium cooling products

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We specialise in the manufacture of EARTH MOVING & INDUSTRIAL RADIATORS/SECTIONS, ALUMINIUM INTERCOOLERS, HEAT EXCHANGERS and OIL COOLERS, clean and repair thereof, as well importing of aluminium products from Dolphin Manufacturers.
We also offer a wide range of extras and componentry such as Fans, Gaskets, Pressure Caps and Filler Necks (aluminium or brass), “O” rings, and Nitrile & Viton grommets, etc. to name but a few.